The Potter School, Not only for the Birds!


Please join Angela and LeeAnne this week as they re-visit the Potter School in Bodega Bay CA! This location was made famous in the classic Hitchcock movie: The Birds. Tune in to hear about the many spirits that still reside at this historic location from their guest, Leah Taylor!



Bodega Bay, California 

The Birds


Spirited History 2008-2014(TM)

America’s First Witch Hunt Hysteria – Before the Salem Witch Trials



Please join LeeAnne and Angela this Friday Oct. 24th 9PM ET for Spirited History, on the Para-X Radio Network. This week the ladies will be dissecting the first recorded witch trials and executions in America. These hauntingly horrifying cases occurred 30 years before the infamous “Salem” witch trials.




Spirited History 2008-2014(TM)

The Haunted Louisiana Locations feature in American Horror Story: Coven

Spirited History Jan 31 2014 haunted locations coven  380x240

Please join LeeAnne and Angela, this Friday Jan 31st 9 PM EST, on the for Spirited History. This week the ladies will be uncovering the ghostly activity from the haunted Louisiana locations featured in American Horror Story: Coven. The hauntingly mysterious historic sites will include those associated with Miss Robicheaux’s Academy, Marie Laveau, and Marie Delphine Lalaurie.




Voodoo Museum


Spirited History 2008-2014(TM)


Apparitions Recorded in Stone

Spirited History ap writ stone jan 10 2014 380x240

Please join LeeAnne and Angela they will be delving into the alluring history of Tor House and the infamous Brookdale Lodge haunting. Can apparitions really be recorded in stone? Want to learn more about the “Stone-Tape Theory,” tune in to find out more!


Brookdale Lodge Haunting



Ghostly Inhabitants of Monterey Bay

Spirited History mont bay jan 3 2014 banner 380x240

Please join Angela and LeeAnne tonight Jan 3rd at 9PM EST for Spirited History on the Para-X Radio network. This week they will be delving into the ghostly inhabitants of Monterey Bay. Tune is to hear about the eerie hauntings and tragic legends of this enchanted bay area.


Tor House

Spirited History 2008-2014(TM)

Unlocking the Ghostly Voices at the Weems-Botts Museum with Pat McCormack from The Ghost Soldiers

Spirited History dec 13 2013 Pat Mc weems banner 380x240


Patrick McCormack. He will be unlocking the ghostly voices from his investigation this past October with Spirited History at the Weems-Botts Museum. Tune in to hear some of the amazing EVPS Patrick collected while conducting his investigation at this remarkable historic landmark located in Dumfries Virgini







Weems-Botts Museum

Ghost Soldiers



Spirited History 2008-2013(TM)


The Ghostly Beings of Edinburgh Manor

Spirited History Blank banner Dec 6th 2013 Edinburgh Manor 380x240
Please join LeeAnne and Angela this Friday Dec. 6th 9PM for Spirited History as they explore the intriguing history and unusual paranormal activity that surrounds Edinburgh Manor in Scotch Grove, Iowa. This historic location is full of spirit activity that includes everything from full body apparitions to disembodied voices. Be sure to tune in to hear the amazing EVPS that are provided by the Midwest Ghost Society.

Midwest Ghost Society
Edinburgh Manor on Facebook
Spirited History 2008-2013(TM)


Haunted Writers

Spirited History haunted writers nov 22 2013 banner 380x240 (1)

Please join LeeAnne and Angela this Friday night 9PM EST for Spirited History. This week the ladies are exploring the extremely haunted locations associated with authors Robert Lewis Stevenson and John Steinbeck. Did the encounters with the unknown have a significant impact on their writing? Could theses men both be considered “Haunted People?” Tune in this Friday night 9PM EST, on both the Para-X Radio Network and CBS Radio the New Sky to find out more.



Spirited History 2008-2013(TM)

Witches from Salem MA to Jamestown VA

Spirited History Witches Nov 1 2013 banner 380x240

Please join LeeAnne and Angela as they explore the fascinating history of witches and witchcraft in Colonial America. An interesting family history will be revealed centering around those accused and sentenced to death for using witchcraft. Tune in to find out more!







Spirited History


Spirited History 2008-2013(TM)

Magnolia Grange Plantation Hauntings and Psychic Medium David Allen Brown

Spirited History DAB MGP oct 25 2013 banner 380x240

Please join Angela and LeeAnne as they conduct their annual Haunted Lantern tour at Magnolia grange Plantation. Their special guest is Psychic Medium David Allen Brown. They will be sharing their ghostly encounters and eerie EVPS they have documented at this beautiful historic location in Chesterfield VA.





David Allen Brown

Chesterfield history


Spirited History 2008-2013(TM)

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