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Since 2008 LeeAnne and Angela have hosted, Spirited History Radio, a weekly program on Para-X Radio Network live every Friday night at 8pm ET.

Spirited History explores a different historic location(s) that are reported to be haunted across the United States. Tune in each week to discover each sites fascinating history, haunting tales, local legends, eerie spectral voices during their radio Program.

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Investigations and Events with Spirited History

Spirited History is a dedicated team of professionals from the IT, Archaeology, Music, Foreign Language, Educational, Medical, Psychic, Museum, and Security fields. They are a paranormal investigative group that has a passion to help preserve our past and keep our historic sites open. They believe in using history to stimulate the sites’ environment to help connect to paranormal activity, or wake up a place memory. Their purpose is to learn, educate, preserve, respect and protect our historic sites.
To contact Spirited History for lectures, events, and investigations please use the following email: spiritedhistory@gmail.com


The Spirited History Society:

LeeAnne and Angela conduct the Spirited History Society, so that they can share their passion for history and the paranormal. If you love hearing a chilling ghostly tale or two, participating in paranormal investigations, sharing evidence, learning investigative techniques, exploring historic sites with a spirited past, then this is the group for you! We are currently over 325 members strong!
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Drop us a line to let us know what you think of the show or tell us about a site you would like to see highlighted on Spirited History!      spiritedhistory@gmail.com


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