Meet The Hosts

LeeAnne Ball

Educator-Historian-Radio Host-Paranormal Investigator

LeeAnne has been interested in the paranormal since childhood. She was drawn to books and movies about Egyptian history, mummies, bog people, ghosts, crypto zoology, magic and detective novels, monsters and mysteries.  She has  also had several paranormal encounters that has led her into being a paranormal investigator and starting the Spirited History Society for those who are interested in learning, exploring, preserving, respecting and protecting our historic sites. She is also the Team Leader for Spirited History Investigations. This team specializes in historic sites with a spirited past.

In the past she has volunteered to do archeological field work here in VA at several historic sites.  She has a deep appreciation for our historic past; and believes the historic research that you learn about the site and the many that worked and lived at the location you are researching will be one of the most helpful steps in your investigation. These materials will enable you know who you might be dealing with and why, as well as the time periods to focus your investigation.

She is also a business entrepreneur. She owns, operates, and developed Creative Movement Connection, a Pre-School Music-Science and Art Program. She has been teaching for over 20 years and has developed a positive approach in her teaching style.

She is a proud member of:

Spirited History Investigations and the Spirited History Society

Preservation Virginia

The National Trust for Historic Preservation

Institute of Noetic Sciences

Acoustical Society of America

The Rhine Research Center for Parapsychology

And Local Historical Societies in VA.


Angela Ghataora

Medical Profession-Photographer-Radio Host-Paranormal Investigator

Angela’s interest in the paranormal has been varied, up until the last few years she had a more passive involvement but always thought it would be interesting to see it for herself. Her husband found a paranormal team and club in passing which gave her an opportunity to meet like minded people, visiting the group and their website she was encouraged to participate. There she met LeeAnne and found they both shared a passion for the paranormal as well as history.

She is now Co-Host of Spirited History Radio as well as Lead Investigator for Spirited History Investigations. She is also the Spirited History Societies Asst. Organizer.  Her favorite sites to investigate are ones loaded with history and local lore; finding it adds greatly to an investigation when you have relevant history to back up questions raised during audio sessions.  She loves using all sorts of equipment always making sure she has her camera and audio recorder.  She also likes to experiment with different techniques such as Dowsing Pendulums/Rods and EMF detectors.

When she is not investigating she can usually be found being her social self with friends and family, enjoying varied hobbies including photography, loom knitting, making scrapbooks and reading.  Angela’s professional background is in the medical field.

She is a proud member of:

Spirited History Investigations and the Spirited History Society

Photographic Society of America

Camera Club of Richmond

Spirited History 2008,2009,2010,2011,2012, 2013 (TM)

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