Spirited History Investigations

We are a dedicated team of professionals from the IT, Educational, Medical, and Security fields.  We are a non-profit group that donates funding for events to the historic site for preservation.

We believe in using history to stimulate the locations environment in hopes of producing paranormal activity. Our purpose is to help, learn about, educate, preserve, respect and protect not only our clients but also the historic site we are investigating.

If you would like Spirited History Investigations to investigate your location please contact us at: spiritedhistory@gmail.com

These are a few of the historic locations we have investigated:

The John Marshall House, Patrick Henry’s Scotchtown, The Poe Museum VA, Bacons Castle VA, Monumental Church VA, Historic Castlewood VA, 1892 Old Historic Jail Chesterfield VA, Magnolia Grange Plantation VA, Historic Trinity Church VA, Weems-Botts Museum VA, Historic Town of Rugby TN, USS Constellation MD, Waverly Hills KY, Rolling Hills NY, Shanley Hotel NY, Fort Mifflin PA, Cold Harbor Battlefield VA, Gettysburg Battlefield PA, Sachs Bridge PA, Van Lear Coal Miner Museum KY, Swift Creek Mill Theatre VA, Smith-McDowell Museum NC, Hill View Manor PA, General Lee’s Headquarters PA, International Museum of Spiritual Investigations PA, Hoffman Farm PA, Historic Palmyra Museum and General Store NY, Iron Island Museum NY,  and many more!

 Investigation Team Members

LeeAnne Ball

I am a lead investigator, historic interpreter and historic researcher for our team. I relish researching for historic treasures hidden in records and books. Since childhood I have had a passion exploring historic sites wondering who may still linger at these magnificent locations. I enjoy being paranormal investigator here in Virginia because of this states vast and significant history.  Our Spirited History Investigations has been the first paranormal group to have access to the following locations: John Marshall House, Patrick Henry’s Scotchtown, Bacon’s Castle, Magnolia Grange Plantation, Historic Castlewood, Courthouse Green In Chesterfield VA, Chesterfield County Jail,  Swift Creek Mill, Berkeley Plantation, the Edgar Allen Poe Museum, and many others. Investigative Strengths:  Audio Sessions/EVP Capture, Historic Research, Dowsing

Angela Ghataora

I am a Lead Investigator and Dowsing Specialist for our team. I like to start fresh at a site to see what I can uncover and match with the sites history after the investigation. I am currently researching the use of pendulum and dowsing rods during our paranormal investigations along with our audio and video equipment. I have had many of my dowsing and pendulum sessions verified with EVP, and audio responses. I have a passion for photography and enjoy photographing and analyzing the pictures taken during our investigations. I am also the Co-Organizer for our Spirited History Society. Investigative Strengths: Dowsing/Pendulum Research, Photography/Videography


I am a Field Investigator and Historic Researcher for the investigation team.  I enjoys researching family history, folklore, and the fascinating history of Richmond Virginia, which inevitably led into the learning about the paranormal history of the city.  I was thrown into ghost hunting by tagging along on an exploration of a historic home that is known to be haunted.  Not knowing that I would be asked to talk to ghost that night, my casual paranormal interest turn into wanting to know more about contacting and identifying the lingering spirits. Going on  road trips and vacationing with a good horror mystery book are a few of the things I enjoy doing in my free time. Investigative Strengths: Historic Research, Dowsing, Video Analysis, Photo Analysis


        I am a Field Investigator and Historic Researcher for the team. Born and raised in Richmond, Virginia, I have a great interest in the rich history that this state has to offer.  I am an advocate for the preservation of historic sites.  Besides my interest in the historic locations and the paranormal activities surrounding them, I also has a great interest in Richmond’s cultural community and keeping the arts available to everyone.  Photography is my first love, especially historic architecture.  I have a fascination with vintage photographs.  In my spare time I volunteer with many cultural groups in the Richmond community including historical societies, museums, and the performing art organizations. Investigative Strengths:  Historic Research, Photography, Photo Analysis


I am the Tech Specialist and Field Investigator for the team. I create and enhance the equipment that the team uses. I am also a photography expert who can debunk pictures/video that has supposedly captured paranormal activity. I am the teams’ skeptic. I keep a level head during investigations and look for all natural and man-made explanations for the supposed haunting. I am also a musician, song writer, singer, and audio expert. I am currently in a band called, “The Honky Tonk Experience”, voted the best country band in Richmond Virginia. http://honkytonkexperience.com/ Investigative Strengths: Tech and Gadget Guru, Team Skeptic, Photography/Video Expert


        I am a Field Investigator for the team. I lived in a haunted house for several years when I was growing up. It was near the library so every weekend I’d ride my bike to the library and spend hours in section 133 reading about hauntings, tarot, astrology, etc. I grew up in Utah and was blessed with parents that loved road trips so we’ve been to many of the haunted sites in CA. Such as the Winchester Mansion and even staying overnight on the Queen Mary. Since then I’ve been hooked. Investigative Strengths: Audio Sessions for EVP, Dowsing


        I am a Field Investigator for the team. I was born interested in the paranormal, and I’ve always read books about ghosts and the supernatural. I believe in past lives and life after death. I come from a long line of psychics and tarot card readers, my family is from Europe which is the birth place of tarot. While investigating the grounds of Berkeley Plantation for paranormal activity, I had my first spirit communication with that of a boy named Paul. I learned about what happened in the late 1700s and it was amazing. Investigative Strengths: Intuitive Abilities, Dowsing


team sarah

        Since I was young I have been fascinated by ghost stories and unexplained phenomena. Whenever I visit a new area or the places I’ve lived, I’ve always searched for the haunted tours while I’m there. I’m also fascinated by history. Both the big stories (revolutionary and civil wars) and the smaller, more personal stories.

Quite a few times in my life I have had my own encounters with the paranormal. I also read a lot about different religions, energy and its intention. I strongly believe in past lives.

Investigative Strengths: Dowsing, Intuitive Abilities, Gathering and Analyzing Evidence


Trudy Brown150 x150       Between being a practicing Registered Nurse, Holistic Practitioner, Reiki Master, Psychic/Medium, wife and mother, I  love spending time using my abilities on my own and in conjunction with others to help those both living and in spirit. It is amazing to learn about history, first hand, from those that lived it! Despite my abilities, the scientific side of me is quick to be a “debunker.”  I enjoy traveling near and far to discover and investigate both new and old sites, meet new people and help give a peek at what has been or what may be. Investigative Strengths: Intuitive Abilities, Videography and Documentation, Research


Psychic Medium David Allen Brown

Spirited History Investigations is very proud to have the talented Psychic-Medium David Allen Brown as a Consultant for our team.  David comes from a long line of psychic-mediums and shares a passion for history. Angela and I met David at a fundraising event for an historic site one night and it has history from then on! His addition to our investigative team was a perfect fit. David provides insights from the spirits through his psychic ability which continually provides our team with valuable information.  Our team is able to use the information he receives about the location and people from the site, to zero in on better directions to obtain the answers and evidence we are seeking. Investigative Strengths: Mediumship, clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, clairsentience, remote viewing, & psychometry. For more information: http://davidallenbrownpsychicmedium.com/

__________________________________________________________________________   INVESTIGATORS ON SABATICLE Amy I am a Field Investigator and Researcher for the team.  I have a keen interest in understanding the folkloric and cultural connection with the paranormal, which has developed since childhood from Virginia’s rich history.  As a Virginia native, I am particularly interested in the lore of Richmond and the oral tradition of Appalachia which has led me to transcribe the stories I grew up with.  I am also passionate about the paranormal on an international level.  Having lived in seven countries and visited over fifty-three, I have had the opportunity to investigate, from a paranormal standpoint, castles in Bohemia, a gulag in Hungary, and a former Secret Police station in Serbia.  I have also enjoyed researching the folklore surrounding the Golem in the Czech Republic, Vlad Tepes (Dracula) in Romania and topics such as shamanism in Indonesia and parts of Central America.  When I am not investigating, or navigating an exotic location, I enjoy taking local road trips, dining out, and visiting the historical and cultural attractions of Virginia. Investigative Strengths:  Folklore, Foreign Language, Research, and Dowsing Christy   I am a Field Investigator for the team. I have always been interested in the paranormal, personally have had a few encounters with the paranormal. Most recently I was researching the Civil War and am trying to locate where family member, who was a Civil War Soldier, was laid to rest. This led me to Spirited History Investigations. With the their help along with Psychic David Allen Brown, I was able to gather more information about our family member. Investigative Strengths: Evidence Gathering and Review, Clairesentience, Dowsing Spirited History 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 (TM)

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