Jeff Dwyer Ph D. : Ghosts of the San Francisco Bay Area

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Please join LeeAnne and Angela as they have as their guest Jeff Dwyer Ph D. They will be exploring the “Ghosts of the San Francisco Bay Area,“ and chatting about his upcoming book, “Psychic: Use Your Psychic Powers to Find Ghosts.” Fascinated with the paranormal, Jeff Dwyer, Ph D is an active paranormal investigator, researcher, lecturer, and consultant often featured on television and radio shows.
Born in the heart of the San Francisco Bay area and now based in California’s premier wine country, Jeff Dwyer Ph D focuses his research on the history of the location as it pertains to ghostly and paranormal phenomena. When he investigates haunted historic locations he uses his highly developed psychic methods that include remote viewing, psychometry, and clairvoyance.
Jeff Dwyer Ph D has also earned a bachelor’s degree in medical sciences , two Master of Science degrees, and a Ph. D. This education landed him jobs at prestigious institutions, among them Duke University and the University of Southern California. Currently, Jeff works as a clinical specialist in cardiology.







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