Phantom Miners-Spectral Lights-Ghostly Voices with Marcus Lindsey

Please Join LeeAnne and Angela as they explore Vulture Mine, Captains Anchorage, Billiwhack Stock Farm & Dairy, and much more with Marcus Lindsey, Co-founder of Paranormal EXP. Paranormal EXP is a group of paranormal investigators based out of Los Angeles, CA. Co-Founded by Marcus and Clare, Paranormal EXP strives to find evidence of the paranormal mostly in the Southern California region. Taking a scientific and logical approach to investigating, the continual findings of unexplained phenomena is the driving force behind Paranormal EXP. The members of Paranormal EXP are winners of Travel Channel’s Paranormal Challenge and guest investigator, Jason Gates, is cast member on Haunted Collector on the Syfy channel.




Paranormal EXP

Spirited History 2008,2009,2010,2011,2012 (TM)

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