Phantoms of the Abandoned Hospital and Haunted Farm with guest, Kathy Santini-Richardson

Case Manager and Lead Investigator fro Confidential Paranormal Investigators Please join LeeAnne and Angela as they have as their guest Kathy Santini-Richardson who is the case manager and lead investigator for Confidential Paranormal Investigators. CPI members are located in Northern and Western IL, Chicago Area and Southern Wisconsin. The CPI Team are proud members of the American Ghost Society along with Kathy being the Chicago Suburbs & Northern IL Coordinator for the AGS. This week the Spirited History ladies will be uncovering what supernatural spirits have been lurking in an abandoned Hospital and at the Willow Creek Farm.



Confidential Paranormal InvestigatorsĀ 

Spirited History 2008,2009,2010,2011,2012 (TM)

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