Phantoms abound in California’s wine country with Dr. Dwyer


Please join Angela and LeeAnne as they explore the haunting is California’s wine country with author and paranormal investigator, Dr. Jeff Dwyer, Ph.D. Dr. Dwyer conducts historical research as it pertains to ghostly and paranormal phenomena and investigate haunted sites using highly developed psychic methods that include remote viewing, psychometry, and clairvoyance. He then uses this material generated by these investigations to write his informative books. Dr. Dwyer keeps busy with his paranormal investigations, writing projects, personal appearances at book events, radio and TV appearances, and a demanding job as a clinical specialist in cardiology at a busy medical center. He has also written three novels and a TV movie script–Sailor on Horseback–that chronicles the final three years in the life of legendary writer Jack London.


Dr. Dwyer


Spirited History 2008,2009,2010,2011, 2012 (TM)

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