Monthly Archives: September 2014

The Haunted Louisiana Locations feature in American Horror Story: Coven

Please join LeeAnne and Angela, this Friday Jan 31st 9 PM EST, on the for Spirited History. This week the ladies will be uncovering the ghostly activity from the haunted Louisiana locations featured in American Horror Story: Coven. The hauntingly mysterious historic sites will include those associated with Miss Robicheaux’s Academy, Marie Laveau, and Marie Delphine Lalaurie.    … (more…)

Apparitions Recorded in Stone

Please join LeeAnne and Angela they will be delving into the alluring history of Tor House and the infamous Brookdale Lodge haunting. Can apparitions really be recorded in stone? Want to learn more about the “Stone-Tape Theory,” tune in to find out more! Links: Brookdale Lodge Haunting