Monthly Archives: January 2014

The Ghostly Beings of Edinburgh Manor

Please join LeeAnne and Angela this Friday Dec. 6th 9PM for Spirited History as they explore the intriguing history and unusual paranormal activity that surrounds Edinburgh Manor in Scotch Grove, Iowa. This historic location is full of spirit activity that includes everything from full body apparitions to disembodied voices. Be sure to tune in to hear the amazing EVPS that are provided by… (more…)

Haunted Writers

Please join LeeAnne and Angela this Friday night 9PM EST for Spirited History. This week the ladies are exploring the extremely haunted locations associated with authors Robert Lewis Stevenson and John Steinbeck. Did the encounters with the unknown have a significant impact on their writing? Could theses men both be considered “Haunted People?” Tune in this Friday night 9PM EST,… (more…)