Monthly Archives: October 2012

Ouija Gone Wild The Positive and The Negative with Rosemary Ellen Guiley

Please join LeeAnne and Angela as the welcome back to Spirited History, Author and Paranormal Researcher, Rosemary Ellen Guiley. Recently seen on The Haunted Collector giving the history of our subject tonight and her new book, “Ouija Gone Wild.” According to Ms. Guiley: For more than a century, simple divination devices called “talking boards” have captivated millions of people curious… (more…)

Phantoms of the Abandoned Hospital and Haunted Farm with guest, Kathy Santini-Richardson

Case Manager and Lead Investigator fro Confidential Paranormal Investigators Please join LeeAnne and Angela as they have as their guest Kathy Santini-Richardson who is the case manager and lead investigator for Confidential Paranormal Investigators. CPI members are located in Northern and Western IL, Chicago Area and Southern Wisconsin. The CPI Team are proud members of the American Ghost Society along… (more…)

Montana’s Haunted Hotspots with the Montana Paranormal Research Society

    Please join Angela and LeeAnne as they have as their guest Dustin Brenner who is the Director of the Montana Paranormal Research Society. They will be looking into the many hauntings that have been reported at the Old Yellowstone County Jail, the Elks Lodge in Miles City MT, and the Moss Mansion Historic House . Tune in to… (more…)